For Govia, transport is about more than running quality train services, it is also about supporting and participating in the communities in which we operate.

Govia companies work in partnership with parent company Go-Ahead to make full use of its unique online education programme Go-Learn - aimed at helping children and young people improve their knowledge of public transport to become confident and informed travellers.

Go-Learn uses the theme of public transport to deliver informative and engaging resources that help pupils (aged four to 14) develop skills and confidence for independent travel. The resources, mapped against the National Curriculum, can be used to support literacy, numeracy, citizenship and elements of Personal, Social and Health education.

Govia is the only major UK transport operator to provide resources of this kind. Go-Learn consists of fact sheets and worksheet topics which are free for teachers to download from Go-Ahead's website. Exercises include whole-class and group discussions, individual written tasks and opportunities to carry out research. Word glossaries and suggestions for further study are also provided.